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Woodburning FAQ

We offer a Discount on many of our WoodBurners

Would a Wood Burning Stove Work for You?

If you’re new to the wonderful world of woodburning stoves we know you’ll have a long list of questions about these efficient, attractive alternatives to gas and electric heating.

Here at Dingham’s Direct we’re always happy to answer your questions and give you honest advice to help you decide on whether buying a woodburner is a good investment for you.

We are regularly contacted by phone or email by property owners who are considering fitting a woodburner, or replacing an old woodburner with a new one.

We also meet homeowners at our new showroom in Churchfields, Salisbury, where there is the added advantage of actually seeing displays of fireplaces and stoves, and our sales consultants have plenty of time and enthusiasm to tell you all about them. We’re open Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm, and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm.

From our customer interaction we have put together a list of frequently asked questions which we hope will help you make up your mind about whether a woodburner would work for you.

If we’ve missed anything you would like to know, don’t forget you can call us on 01722697699 or pop into the showroom at Dinghams Direct Ltd, Unit 4 Paxton Business Centre, Churchfields, Salisbury SP2 7YR. There’s ample free parking right outside, and a warm welcome awaits.

Woodburner FAQ

No, we do not offer an installation service but we do recommend local installers.

The Ecodesign Regulations set new minimum seasonal efficiency and maximum emission requirements for Woodburning Stoves.

Firewood should have a moisture content of 20% or less.

A DEFRA stove is a smoke exempt stove which has been approved to burn wood in a Smoke Controlled Zone.

Woodburners under 5kw do not require an air vent, unless the property has been built since 2010. An installer will be able to advise further on his site survey.

No, unless it is designed to burn open. Stoves must be used with the doors closed.

If you are burning only wood, an ash pan is not required. Wood is better burnt on a bed of ash, and you would only shovel ash out when too much builds up. If you are burning Smokeless fuel this requires air to come up through the grate in order to burn properly and efficiently, and an ash pan fits under the grate.

Yes, usually your chimney will need a new liner installed to accommodate a woodburner. An installer will be able to confirm this when he carries out a site survey. A liner will also improve the draft and efficiency of the stove.

Yes, the chimney will need regular sweeping and checking. Follow the instructions in the stove manual and the advice of your local chimney sweep.

Yes, we suggest every five years or so. Follow the advice of the chimneysweep who will advise you about the condition of your flue and stove each time he visits.

Yes, you must have a hearth, which should extend to a minimum of 225mm in front of the stove, but consider going deeper for a more practical sized hearth.

Yes, you may install the stove yourself but you will need to comply with building regulations. We can supply you with liner and flue pipes, and anything else you may need.

We offer discounts on many of our woodburning stoves.

Do you supply liners and flue pipes?

Yes, we stock and supply liners and flue pipes at competitive prices.

Recommended installers

We can recommend Corgi and Hetas installers in the area.

On site quotes

Our recommended installers can carry out site visits and provide installation prices.

For collection, we will be pleased to help load the customer’s vehicle, but can take no responsibility for any breakages occurred in transport. It is up to the customer to ensure an appropriate vehicle is used to transport the Stove.

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