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Keep Your Woodburning Stove Healthy

Get your chimney swept every year. FAILURE TO get your chimney swept every year MAY INVALIDATE YOUR STOVE WARRANTY.

The Lifespan of a Woodburner

You have probably come to depend on your woodburning stove to keep your whole home warm and cosy during the winter months but don’t take this comforting appliance for granted! Robust and rugged as they may appear, even woodburners need a little TLC to keep them fired up and working safely and efficiently.

Regular maintenance not only keeps your log-fired stove churning out heat to best effect, it also means you’ll get the longest life out of your woodburner.

Most manufacturers estimate that a well-maintained woodburner lasts over 20 years. Having been in the business for decades here at Dinghams Direct we’ve even come across some woodburners that have made it twice that long in the Salisbury, Wiltshire area! Like any appliance, however, wear and tear takes its toll, so if you value your fire-y friend, look after it as well as possible.

In fact, caring for your woodburner starts right at the point of installation. You can buy the best woodburner in the world, but if it isn’t correctly installed by qualified HETAS (Heating Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme) certified experts it won’t ever work efficiently, and may even be dangerous to use. Installation of woodburners also has to adhere to building regulations.

Your installer will offer to sweep your chimney every year and service the stove too.   Servicing of the stove will keep it in tip top condition.  A ‘stove service’ may involve replacing the rope seals, replacing cracked firebricks and giving your stove a good checkover.

Some manufacturers require proof of a yearly service to maintain your stove warranty.

How to Care for Your Woodburner

Here are some tips to keep your woodburning stove in top condition:

  • Proper use: Follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions for proper use of your stove, including the recommended size of logs and the proper method for starting and maintaining a fire.
  • Use dry wood: It is important to use dry, seasoned wood in your stove to ensure efficient burning and to reduce the amount of creosote produced.
  • At least once a month clean the glass of the stove with Stove Glass Cleaner; we sell it.
  • Chimney sweeping: Have your chimney inspected and swept annually by a professional chimney sweep to ensure that it is in good condition and free from blockages. The flue should be cleaned regularly to prevent a build-up of creosote, a tar-like substance that can cause chimney fires. Some manufacturers need to see the sweeps payment receipt in case of a warranty claim.
  • Servicing: Have your stove serviced annually by a qualified technician to ensure that it is in good working order and to address any issues that may arise.  
  • Check your stove rope seals. The rope seals should create a perfect seal to ensure your stove works efficiently.
  • Proper ventilation: Make sure that your room is properly ventilated to ensure that the stove functions correctly and to prevent a build-up of dangerous gases. Make sure your Carbon Monoxide detector is working.
  • Safety: Always use a fireguard and keep combustible materials such as furniture, curtains and rugs well away from the stove.

Keeping A Woodburner Glass Clean

A big problem that many woodburner owners talk about is how to keep the glass in your stove clean and clear, so that you can enjoy watching those comforting flames flicker.

Always read the manufacturers operating instructions.

If the glass in your stove tends to turn black from soot this could be down to using damp firewood. Your logs shouldn’t have a moisture content of more than 20%. If you’re not sure whether your wood is dry enough you might find it useful to get a moisture meter.

To avoid dirty woodburner windows your appliance needs to burn hot – operate it at its optimum temperature (check the manual), and learn to properly control the airflow using the controls on the stove. You can also make sure you load the stove so that the wood is not touching the glass. 

Our woodburners have a design feature called an Airwash system. This involves vents that draw in cool air from the room which is heated and ducted to “wash” over the inside of the glass, helping to keep it clean for longer.

If you need to clean dirty stove glass don’t try it when the stove is hot! You can seek out special commercially available cleaning materials designed for cleaning the glass on your woodburner.  We stock Stovax Stove Glass Cleaner.  We do not recommend a wet cloth and ash as you can scratch the glass over a period of time.

For new woodburners, maintenance products and accessories visit the Dinghams Direct Showroom in Churchfields, Salisbury, SP2 7YR or call 01722 697 699. We’re always happy to help.

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