Genuine Discounts on Quality Goods

Everyone loves a bargain, but when it comes to sale shopping you need to know that you are getting genuine discounts on quality goods.

Dinghams Fireplaces is pleased to be able to offer you special prices on some of our end of products, and generous seasonal discounts on some of our hand-crafted stone fireplaces.

Our sale page is regularly updated, so check in frequently to see what we have on offer.
The products offered on sale come from our full range of stoves, fires and range cookers –all branded goods from our regular stock which are being offered at discounted prices for one reason or another. We don’t sell off cheap products that are made specially to go “on sale”.

Featured in our sale you can find anything from our range of more than 20 makes of woodburning stoves, gas fires and electric fires, along with flues and associated products. Most of our stock represents the finest quality British and Scandinavian stoves.

If you can’t wait for your choice of stove to go on sale, why not visit our Salisbury showroom and chat to our friendly sales team. We’re sure we’ll be able to suggest a suitable stove for your property and budget.

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Gazco Gas stove

Huntingdon 30 tracery – BALANCED FLUE LPG

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