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Everhot Range Cookers FAQs

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A cooking range is the heart of any country kitchen, and Dinghams is delighted to be stockists and suppliers of the special handmade collection of Everhot range cookers, crafted in the Cotswolds area of Britain for more than 40 years.

The remarkable thing about these fantastic ranges is that they use only a trickle feed of electricity, and are designed to run off of a standard 13 amp plug with no need for an annual service.

If you’re tempted to treat yourself to an Everhot cooker you certainly won’t be sorry.

You can come into our showroom at Unit 4 Paxton Business Centre, Churchfields, Salisbury SP2 7YR for inspiration.  It’s a sure bet that you’ll leave with an Everhot cooker – either to take away yourself or have us deliver, which we do anywhere across Wiltshire, Hampshire or Dorset.

We’re open on weekdays between 8am and 4pm, and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm, with our consultants ready to give you a warm welcome and answer all your questions about the Everhot collection.

Everhot Cookers FAQs

We offer a 10% Dinghams Cookshop gift voucher with every purchase.

Yes, Everhot cookers are made in the UK.

Current delivery times for the cooker are around 5 months.

Yes, we can arrange delivery to your home.

£250 plus vat or more for a large cooker.

50% payment on order and the balance 50% payable just before delivery to your home.

2 Year Guarantee and 5 Years for the heating elements.

There is no need to service your cooker.

1.5 hours, but you can speed it up using the grill so that it takes 20 minutes.

The hotplates and ovens are always at working temperature and therefore any food spilt on them will carbonise and can be swept away. You can clean the stainless steel sections with “Barkeeper’s Friend” and a light scouring pad. Just wipe the rest of the cooker with a damp cloth after use.

When set at our recommended cooking temperatures our double oven cookers will consume around 85 units of power per week.

The principle is very similar, however our product offers a great deal more control than the majority of other heat storage ranges – this enables you to set exact cooking temperatures if required – or even to turn off part of the cooker whilst leaving the rest on. It also incorporates a grill. It is therefore possible, for example, to have two adjacent simmer plates when cooking jam or two roasting ovens on Christmas morning.

This depends on several factors; the size and orientation of your kitchen etc. In warm weather you might wish to turn off one or both of the ovens in order to reduce the heat output from the cooker. The vast majority of Everhot customers do not have a secondary means of cooking and are happy to use their Everhots for 12 months of the year.

In summer you can turn on the overnight eco mode for a cooler kitchen and to reduce your running costs. You can also turn off your second or third oven in hot weather if they are not needed.

Turn the eco mode off to increase kitchen warmth in the winter months. The core parts of your cooker are the hot plate and the top oven. Typically, most customers will leave these on all year round.

Yes, you can. We can put you in touch with people who can move it for you.

Dinghams Direct Top Tip?
As the name suggests the Everhot is intended to be left at cooking temperature 24 hours a day, always being ready to cook and providing gentle background warmth for your kitchen. There is no need to turn it down when not in use.

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